Technical Research for Financial Professionals

Our research platform is a complete technical analysis solution

Dorsey Wright has provided technical research to financial professionals for over 25 years. Our research platform is a complete technical analysis solution – from broad market insights, to portfolio management tools and investment models, all the way to Point and Figure charts on over 40,000 stocks, funds, and ETFs traded around the world. These are the same tools we use to direct our own money management products, including the popular Powershares DWA Technical Leaders ETFs.

In today’s world, financial professionals need to be able to differentiate themselves and offer value-add beyond standard asset allocation. Our research platform empowers analysts with tools and market insights that make it possible to do that in a time-efficient way.

Sign up for a 21 day free trial, and enjoy access to Dorsey Wright’s technical research platform, which includes the following popular features:

A multi-faceted report providing daily commentary on timely technical developments across all major segments of the global capital markets.

The Daily Equity Report is written by Dorsey Wright’s team of analysts and includes major market evaluation, sector rotation observations, as well as individual equity, ETF, mutual fund and option recommendations. DWA's daily report has provided a consistent heartbeat for disciplined investment decisions by financial professionals for 25 years.

A dynamic snapshot of macro market leadership.

"DALI" employs relative strength-based analysis to rank macro asset classes based on developing leadership trends within the global capital markets. The objective guidance within DALI provides the tools necessary to properly allocate portfolio across all major asset classes in an effort to emphasize strength wherever it exists. US Equities, International Equities, Commodities, Global Currencies, Fixed Income and Cash are evaluated daily to identify dynamic developments across investment genres, as well as within them. This tool provides the tactical precision that allows investors to adapt as the market leadership changes.

Dorsey, Wright offers a suite of rules-based guided model portfolios that are built upon DWA's relative strength analytics. For more than a decade DWA has pioneered the evolution of turn-key guided investment solutions for investment professionals, providing more than 100 model portfolios targeting exposure to sector rotation strategies, asset class allocation, international country rotation, and factor-based approaches such as high dividend income and low volatility. DWA's model portfolio offerings include strategies built with ETFs, US stocks and International-listed Equities and ADRs. In addition, the DWA Database provides a platform for easily combining models to seamlessly create broad-based portfolios and monitor rotation within that allocation.

The “Your Portfolio” tool makes portfolio analysis and management far more efficient. Users can set up one or more custom portfolios within the system, which allows Dorsey Wright to “watch the store” on their behalf. This tool has robust alerting features, so it becomes easy to watch a broad array of investments -- and be alerted when significant price movements or technical changes occur.

Dorsey Wright’s Technical Research Platform contains Point and Figure charts and technical analysis commentary on over 25,000 global stocks, 1400 ETFs, and 16,000 mutual funds. Users can easily compare performance of multiple securities, set price level or technical activity alerts so they are notified when significant movements occur, and use a variety of other tools to get a full technical picture of any security in our database.

For many of our clients, Dorsey Wright becomes an outsourced technical resource department. We welcome calls from professional clients, and are happy to discuss investment strategies, or coach them on using the Research Platform. Our highest calling is to educate, empower, and support our clients in every way possible. In addition to one on one consultation, we offer weekly videos and podcasts, and frequent educational webinars, presentations, and special events.